Access to Health & Housing

    • Ensured a new bus route in South KC, which takes residents to healthier grocery stores.
    • Worked collaboratively with KC corner stores to ensure healthier food options for residents.
    • Won Question One, Healthy Homes, Rental Housing Inspections on the August 2018 ballot in KCMO.


    • Registered hundreds of voters in lower income census tracks all over the metro.
    • Engaged voters on health, public education and voter suppression issues.
    • Engaged in broad Get-Out-The-Vote efforts in multiple campaigns and elections across the metro.


    • Saved KCPS from complete decimation, when powers were trying to turn the school district into an entirely charter school system.
    • In coalition, ensured the passage of a cap on TIF, which means more money generated from TIF projects into our public schools, libraries, etc.

Criminal Justice

    • Modified the KCMO Liquor License Ordinance (three times) to open jobs to people with a felony.
    • Passed Missouri State Statute to eliminate the lifetime ban on food stamps for people with drug convictions.
    • Passed Ban the Box in KCMO, KCK, and Johnson County, KS, removing Criminal History Questions off municipal employment applications.
    • Passed Ban the Box in KCMO to ensure removal of criminal history questions for landlords and private employers.
    • Assisted with passage of Exoneree Compensation Bill in Kansas.
    • Ensured funding of a Conviction Integrity Unit in Wyandotte Co., to review old convictions and ensure that justice was/is properly pursued.

Work & Transportation

    • Ensured the first Workforce Ordinance in KCMO, requiring project hours for women and people of color in KC.
    • Ensured the passage of MBE/WBE in Jackson County.
    • Ensured the passage and implementation of a Community Benefits Agreement Resolution, which allows for workforce development deals on TIF and other city projects.
    • In coalition, passed an increase of the minimum wage in KCMO.
    • Worked in coalition to win Raise Up MO and CLEAN (ethics reform) in Missouri in 2018.
    • Allied with Unions to defeat Right to Work in MO.
    • Won Sunday Bus Routes in Kansas City, KS.
    • Ensured a Community Benefits Agreement on the Christopher Bond Bridge, with MODOT, to gain workforce training for women and people of color.


    • Gained public commitments from Kansas elected and appointed officials to prevent mass deportation and fear among immigrants.
    • Won Welcoming Proclamations all over the metro.
    • Ensured “sanctuary” commitments from area congregations.
    • Provided legal services and information to hundreds of immigrant families in Kansas/MO.