MORE2 is primarily composed of faith communities that become congregational members! However, other not-for-profit organizations can also become institutional members. If your organization or faith body is not a part of MORE2, you can become an individual member.

Individual Membership

Individual members subscribe to the mission of MORE2 and commit their time and energy to the work and development of the organization. They are individuals who are not already a member of a MORE2-allied congregation.

Interested? We’d love to speak with you! During the conversation, the following commitments will be explored:

      • Donate $10/month in dues (or secure a donor “sponsor”)
      • Get involved in Issues2Action task forces, the annual event committee, etc.
      • Attend Individual Caucus Meetings to elect board members

For questions, or to become an individual member, contact:
Lora McDonald, 816-277-5912, or
Lisa Benson,

Congregational Membership

Are you part of a congregation and want to get involved in social justice? Here’s what you do:

      • Meet staff or leaders of MORE2 and check out some meetings/activities (email Lora above)
      • Follow your institution protocol (congregational vote, pastoral leader decision, board vote, etc.) to officially join
      • Dues are $300 the year you join and a modest amount thereafter, based upon your budget


      • Appoint two delegates from your congregation to our MORE2 Board
      • Encourage a member of your clergy to attend a monthly Clergy Caucus in Missouri or Kansas
      • Send members of your congregation to the National Leadership Training
      • Involve members of your congregation in MORE2  task forces and specific projects